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Kenwood Dual Air Fryer – HFM75 Metal

Original price was: R3,899.00.Current price is: R2,299.00.

The new Kenwood Dual Air Fryer HFP70 has two baskets (each with a capacity of 4L), you can easily and quickly prepare two different foods at the same time. There are 8 pre-set functions to choose from, an automatic shut-off as well as a shake reminder.


1700W Power.

Dual zone: 2 Baskets to cook different recipes at the same time.

Dual Cook Function: Two zones become one, ideal for large quantities.

Sync Function: synchronizes the end of cooking of foods with different cooking times.

Non-stick baskets.

8L Capacity (3.4 KG): 4L + 4L on each Basket (1.7KG).

8 pre-set functions, including Dehydrate.

Even heat distribution.

Touch screen display with 8 cooking functions, adjustable time and temperature (35-200 degrees).

Max crisp function with two plates for Extra crispy and Golden Dishes.

Overheat protection.

Recipe book included.

1 year warranty.

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